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Dish – dinner dish – Silesian dumplings with meat roll



short description:

Women from the Village Restoration Group in Biedrzychowice cook the traditional Silesian dish – Silesian dumplings and meat roll

detailed description:

Preparation of Silesian dumplings: add potato flour to the boiled and pressed potatoes and knead until a homogenous pulp is obtained. Of the dough form dumplings of a nut-size and boil them in salted water. Preparation of rolls: beat gently slices of beef or pork with a mallet, add salt, pepper, brush with light layer of mustard. Cut cucumbers, bacon and onion in strips, place on the slices of meat, wrap, fasten with a skewer or white thread. Cook until the meat gets soft. The meat stock is used for making sauce. The dish should be served with red cabbage salad. Women from the Village Restoration Group in Biedrzychowice cultivate the tradition of Silesian cuisine: they organise cooking demonstrations, tasting shows, especially for people from the outside of the Opole region, and popularise cooking recipes. Contact – phone: (+48)77 437 17 68


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